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Membership Committee

    Committee Directors: 

Roland Giguere (413-475-0520) -

    Committee Members: 

Tracee Perkins (508-529-2112) -

Caroline LaCroix (508-947-1904) -

Joy Moore (508-529-2112) -

The Membership Committee is developing programs and resources for Massachusetts Subordinate Granges with the goals of promoting our Granges within our respective communities. We are concentrating our efforts within the following areas:

  • Membership Service: Identifying the needs of members and recommending the development of services to meet those needs.

  • Increasing Membership: Recommending means for increasing membership in Massachusetts Subordinate Granges.

  • Keeping Membership Informed: Working closely with the Communications Committee and other committees to make prospective and current members aware of the resources, services, and membership benefits of the Grange.

  • Welcoming New Members: Recommending ways to acknowledge new members and to encourage participation in Grange programs and activities.

  • Identifying Non-member Needs and Perceptions: Gathering information on and analyzing non-members’ needs and perceptions of the Grange. Recommending ways in which to meet these needs to attract non-members to join the Grange.

FOR ALL CONTESTS SPONSORED BY THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Each entry must be original and created between September 1 and August 31 of the contest year. Please include the following information with each entry:

Name: _________________________________________ (For group entries, include all names)
Complete Address: ______________________________________________________________
Telephone Number: _________________ Grange Name and Number: ____________________
Member ______ Non-member ______ Age if Youth (18 and under) ________ Adult ______

** If photos are included in any submission for public view, such as a Grange Hall photo, a flier or news story, a photo release form for each person in photos must also be provided.

Submit all entries by August 31 to:

Roland Giguere
MA State Grange Membership Director
40 Little Mohawk Road
Shelburne, MA 01370

The deadline for submission in all contests sponsored by the membership committee is August 31 of the contest year. Prizes for the winning entries will be awarded at State Session. For the list of membership committee sponsored contests, click here.

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