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About the Grange

Mission Statement: "The Grange brings people together to build stronger communities by encouraging agricultural and environmental sustainability, community service and fostering future leaders."

Joining a Grange
The Community Grange is the “Local” Grange and is built around the community. Men, women and youth are admitted on equal terms. Those who are a minimum of 14 years of age are eligible for full membership. Each member has one vote. The local Grange elects its own officers and controls its own affairs in community matters. It confers the first four ritualistic Degrees. The regular business Grange meetings and the educational and literary programs are frequently open to the public, as are the numerous community activities the local Granges provide. All Grange activities are for the purpose of developing leadership, improving community life, and expanding opportunities for all people.

Why Should You Join?
Open to everyone 14 years and older, The Massachusetts State Grange believes the more diverse the population the better. That is one thing we learned early on, as the more voices heard, the more questions asked, and the more people become involved the more things get done. Whether planning a community event, an educational retreat for youth, or a neighborhood cleanup, we have and will always encourage people to join in on the ground floor.

The Grange offers a hand of friendship, fellowship, charity and grassroots activism to its members. You can join the grange on the local level through a Community Grange or with an E-Memberships through the National Grange.

E-Membership is a new class of membership that keeps you informed of legislative work from a non-partisan point of view as well as keeping you up with the latest achievements of the Grange. E-Membership gives you access to many of the quality financial benefits that Grange members have traditionally enjoyed. It also gives you the opportunity of being an important part of America’s oldest family based organization.

By joining the Grange, you will help continue programs that fight for communities in Congress and in our state legislatures; support local farms; preserve heirloom skills and crafts; provide local activities for children and young adults and promote volunteer community service projects across the state and the nation.

Any person 14 years of age or older are eligible to join the Community Grange.

Children age 5 through 14 are eligible to join the Junior Grange.



Welcome to the Grange!

Click here to download the Application for Membership Brochure

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