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Agriculture and Environment

If you have any questions regarding the programs and contests listed below, please contact a member of the Agriculture and the Environment Committee: 

    Committee Directors: 

Matthew Johnson (978-372-8845) -

Kathleen Peterson

    Committee Members: 
Scott Davis (508-886-6668) -

Ann Prest (978-948-8130)

Jessica Goodfield (978-729-6183) -


The Massachusetts State Grange has developed partnerships with organizations sharing our similar values and principles. These organizations promote agriculture education and concern for the environment through programs and contests. For more information about these partnerships, visit the Agriculture Education page. 


A. State Grange Agriculture Innovator

This award is for two individuals, one of whom must be a Grange member and one whom is not, who are actively engaged in farming, gardening, agricultural enterprise or rural development large or small scale such as: a Christmas tree farm, fruit grower, dairy farmer, beekeeper, aquaculture, ag education, etc.

  • Open to any person, of any age.

  • There will be one winner selected for each category and announced at the State Grange session.

  • Nominations must be made in writing and include involvement in:

  1. Community Service-involvement with projects towards the betterment of the community. The nominee may have worked through the Grange or another organization.

  2. Personal Achievement- Awards or honors they received through the Grange or other organizations; personal fulfillment from being a member of the Grange and/or involvement in other activities.

  • Deadline for nominations is September 15th. 


Award: Winners will be announced at State Grange session.

B. Poster Contest


  • This contest is open to all Grangers.

  • Juniors - 3 youth categories - 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, years of age on or before September 1 of each year. Poster size 12”x 18” Any medium may be used: colored pencil, markers, paint, paint markers, etc. Three prizes to be awarded in each age group.

  • Adults - 1 adult category to include ages 14 and up. Poster size 20”x 30” Any medium may be used as listed above. There will be 3 prizes awarded for this category.

  • Poster Theme 2023 - Massachusetts Endangered Species

  • Each entry must have the entrant’s name, age (Junior entrants’ only), and Grange listed on the back of the poster.

  • Prizes for each age group: 1st - $40, 2nd - $20, 3rd - $10

  • A Best of Show will be awarded for Juniors and Adults. The poster in each group will be copied and used for promotional materials for the upcoming calendar year. A consent form will need to be signed for release of the poster.

  • Deadline for entries is September 15th

C. Plant Growing Contest (in conjunction with the Junior badge)


  • All Juniors ages 5- 14 are eligible to compete. Group A ages 5-7, Group B ages 8-11 and Group C ages 12-14. Prizes will be awarded in each group.

  • Seeds will be provided by the State Agriculture and Environment Committee. The seeds will all be in the same variety. Directions on growing a plant will be provided with the seeds.

  • Each grower will keep a record of their planting, weekly notes on the plants’ growth, notes on pollinators that frequent their plants, and any pests that attach the vines and/or fruit.

  • Juniors may submit one fruit for this competition. Juniors are encouraged to submit a photo of themselves with their harvested fruit.

  • A “best-looking fruit” should have a somewhat symmetrical shape, very few blemishes, and no soft spots.

  • Stems should be cut rather than broken, and at least 3” to 6” in length.

  • For 2023 - Five potatoes should be presented for judging

  • Fruits and vegetables to be judged at State Session.

  • 2023 - Potatoes

  • Prizes for each age group - 1st-$40, 2nd-$20, 3rd-$10

  • Deadline for entries is September 15th

  • Deadline for fruits and vegetables to be presented is the first day of State Session

D. Honorary State Session Delegate

  • The Honorary State Session Delegate will provide opportunities for a State FFA representative and a 4-H Ambassador with an interest in the legislative aspect of the Massachusetts State Grange to see the inner workings of committees and the grassroots legislative policy development effort at the Massachusetts State Grange session.​

  • Each youth will serve on one of the session committees reviewing resolutions. Participants will watch the delegate body act on resolutions and other aspects of the session. Full participation as befits a delegate is strongly encouraged.

  • An individual may participate in the program a maximum of one time.

  • As guests of the Massachusetts State Grange, room cost will be paid for the participant, plus one parent/legal guardian if required due to age requirements. Tickets to scheduled banquets/meals will also be provided.

  • Transportation will be the participant’s own responsibility.

  • Applications must be submitted to the Agriculture and the Environment Director(s). Applications will be reviewed by the Agriculture and the Environment Committee and the State Executive Committee in making the selection of participants.

  • Please include letters of recommendation from your Chapter/Club Director.

  • Applications can be obtained from the Agriculture and Environment Committee Director(s) or from the State Grange website.

  • Honorary Delegates will be assigned a mentor from the State Grange to assist and guide the participants during the session.

  • Participants will be expected to attend all aspects of the session except for those activities which require full membership.

  • Any participant who fails to comply with the guidelines will be expected to pay their own expenses.

  • The deadline for application submission will be August 1st.

Grange Fairs and Ribbons

A. Granges are encouraged to have Grange fairs. If a Grange would like help in starting a fair, please contact the Agriculture and Environment Committee.
B. Grange ribbons are available from Agriculture and Environment Committee member Sam Manley.

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