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Legislative Department

    Committee Director: 

The legislative director of the Massachusetts State Grange is charged with the responsibility of coordinating the legislative affairs of the members of the Massachusetts State Grange in conjunction with the National Grange at the level of our federal government and the legislative affairs at both the State and local level.

Part of that responsibly is to ascertain the primary concerns of the Massachusetts Grange members and the concerns of our neighbors and fellow residents of our Commonwealth and our local communities. Of particular concern are issues that affect the quality of life for rural and suburban families and their communities and to act as a voice or a channel of communications for that voice with the elected and appointed members of our national, state and local governments.

The second part of that responsibility is to maintain a vigilant eye and ear to pending legislation that might be of special concern to Grange members, to encourage them to employ the Grange meetings as a forum for discussion and debate on these issues and help them formulate resolutions to be submitted to the State and National Granges. The programs of the Lecturers in each Grange can be very instrumental in achieving this purpose also, so it is highly recommended that a collaborative association between the subordinate Lecturer and the Legislative and Agriculture committee chairman be fostered.

At the National level the Grange has developed an extensive program that is available to interested Grange members through the legislative committee chairman of your Subordinate or Pomona Grange.

The priority issues and topics of this manual are summed up in the Blue Print for Rural America.
    1. Build a solid foundation of prosperity for America’s family farmers, ranchers and foresters.
    2. Respond to the national financial crisis sweeping across rural America.
    3. Expand telecommunications services in rural areas.
    4. Achieve energy security for rural America.
    5. Improve quality and availability of rural health care.
    6. Promote practical and effective immigration reform.
    7. Support transportation improvements that protect the freedom of mobility.
    8. Strengthen civic participation in our society.
    9. Enhance public safety and homeland security in rural areas.
    10. Improve the quality of rural education.

Copies of the National Grange Legislative Policies and Grassroots Training Manual will be available at the Annual State Session or directly from the Legislative Director by sending an email to

An electronic copy of this document is also available at the National Grange web site

The Legislative Director, together with the Agriculture and Environment Committee and the Home and Community Service Committee, and guided by the input of the delegates to the Massachusetts State Grange Session, has developed a similar Legislative Handbook specifically focused on the concerns of the Grange and our neighbors in Massachusetts.

In order to continue to edit and update it in the future, all members are encouraged to communicate to the State Legislative Director what you consider to be the most important social and political issues our community faces today and what legislation you think would be appropriate to address those issues.

The Legislative Department also offers a number of workshops that can be used by Lecturers. They include, Lessons on Civics, Resolution Writing, Working with Legislators and Public Officials, Connecting with Organizations in Your Grange, or on additional topics as requested by the Grange. Grange Lecturers interested in having the Legislative Director come to give one of these workshops should contact

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