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Library Museum


Amber & Randy Vaill, Jr (413-284-1135) -

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Anne & Scott Davis (508-886-6668) -

Janet E. Horne (508-429-9210) -

The Massachusetts State Grange Albert J. Thomas Library Museum

The Albert J. Thomas Library Museum, located in Rutland, MA, is the State Grange's archive and historical display facility. The building houses nearly 150 years of Massachusetts Grange history
including membership records, individual Grange record books, Grange regalia and badges, and much more.

The materials in the collection are useful to local historians researching their hometowns, genealogists researching family members who belonged to the Grange in Massachusetts, and
anyone interested in the history of the organization.

Our State Grange Historians assist researchers with their questions regarding the Grange in Massachusetts. They can provide you with lists of materials we have on specific Granges,
research details on individual members' service to the Grange, and can provide tours and access to the archives upon request.

If you are a researcher who is seeking more information about Massachusetts Granges, please contact us at

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